For a good client we are recruiting 3 Relationship Managers (!) Mid-Large Cap.

We have broad mandate as there are 3 roles. They are considering experienced hires with strong, local network knowledge and a proven network who will bring with them a Transaction and structuring specialization and relevant product solutions knowledge e.g. such as Project Finance, Asset Back Finance, working capital solutions or syndication deals. The mandate is Mid-Large Cap. It is expected you will head up your sector expertise and be senior enough to deal with incoming deals professionally from networking events, even for example if it is a large cap deal from outside your comfort zone or expertise

Due to business protection and Client protection requests we do NOT advertise the full details of this role – also to your advantage. It is a small world.

Should you be interested in this fast growing office and teams please send through your MS Word CV to and we will call you personally to discuss further about the mandate, expectations and challenges.